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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 9, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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remember the spin stops here because we are always looking out for you. >> sean: fox news alert. supreme court justice john paul steven announced today he is retiring at the age of 90 this opens the way for the president to make his second appointment to the high escort. justice stevens has served on the court for the past 35 years widely considered the leader of the court's liberal bloc. he's not the only one making news. hours after we left michigan yesterday congressman bart stupak made this stunning announcement. >> last night and early this morning, i informed democratic leaders and key supporters that i would not seek reelection to congress. i will always serve the people of the first district. but i've chosen not to continue to serve as their congressman. >> sean: stupak [ inaudible ]
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could it be any clearer that stew -- that stupak is afraid of facing his constituents. tonight we are coming to you live from new orleans tonight. [ cheering ] >> [ inaudible ] michael steele, welcome! [ cheering ] >> who dat! >> sean: your reaction to just -- justice stevens. >> it gives the president an opportunity to show he is serious about the supreme court. do we have an activist left leaning court or a court focused on governing, not governing, but leading the people through legislation.
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>> sean: the bottom line is barack obama showed no signs except to be the rigid ideologue that he is. why would america expect anything other than than an extreme justice? would you want the republicans, if he appoints a radical left winger to oppose -- >> absolutely we will be engaged very closely, very effectively in this debate. this is an opportunity to change the direction of the court. i know a lot of folks want to lay this off, you are going to replace a liberal with a liberal that is not the idea this is the difference between a court that is going to focus on the rule of law and working that way or activist court that is going to try to legislate from the bench. the rnc will be prepared to fight any effort to put a left leaning activist judge on this court. >> sean: i think the crowd is happy about that. [ cheering ] >> sean: bart stupak -- by the way, i'm not going to pat myself on the back. i said from the beginning he would cave. i knew he would give in just as nelson was bought off.
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do you think he's afraid to run in this reelection? >> absolutely. because of these folks right here. [ cheering ] >> the people have been sending a signal for some time you better listen to us or you will pay the price at the ballot box. he saw that coming and he got out of town as fast as he could. >> sean: everywhere we've been we've watched this with the tea party movement around the country. massive crowds, massive intensity does that translate what happened in virginia, massachusetts, new jersey? >> absolutely it does. >> sean: does this intensity hold through november? >> this intensity had better hold through november, yes. [ inaudible ] >> we have an unprecedented opportunity sean to take this country back. you have laid out clearly in your book the way to do that how you can get principled
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conservative leadership back in washington to change the course of this station and it stars with these folks right here. >> sean: you walked out here tonight and got a massive reception from the crowd here in new orleans. you had a strong defense from newt gingrich. governor palin defended you. some have attacked you. some have gone after you. what is your reaction to that and response? >> i'm trying to do the best i can as national chairman. >> sean: you have three victories under your belt. >> new jersey, massachusetts and virginia. [ cheering ] >> this is the bottom line. i stay focused very much on winning in november. i'm going to work very hard to make sure more republicans, more conservatives get into the senate and then to congress in the governorships and state legislatures this november this is the battle for the direction and freedoms of this country and we should be engaged. >> sean: one of the things i'm afraid of this circular fire squad that conservatives have against each other.
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it seems the democratic party and the president now are at a record low. there was a fox news poll that came out today, newt gingrich said that barack obama is the most radical president we've ever seen in american history. liz cheney said that barack obama has put america on a path to decline. rush limbaugh inflicting untold damage on this country. governor palin, it is like a kid you punch me and i won't retaliate, a line that -- >> i think from gingrich to palin they've laid out the indictment against this administration. the direction in which it has taken this country on foreign and domestic policy. the battle we have now and when i say that every god fearing conservative, republican out there and independent around this country, this is a chance for us to move this country in a new direction. it is not about michael steele not about an individual, it is about a nation that -- >> sean: let me ask you this. we saw stories this week where
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people were saying, health care where do i sign up for my free obama health care? we saw stories, 50% of american households no longer pay tax. what does that mean for america if you have a voting electorate that is not paying any taxes? >> how do you sustain yourself going into the future if you are giving more government welfare, encouraging more people to be dependent on government instead of self-reliance, fulfilling in terms of the direction they want to go. this is not about government takeover this is about empowering people. that's what the tea parties have been about. >> sean: 40% of the tea party movement, independent and democrats which think think is interesting. as you heading into the election there's been a lot of talk, i called for this in my book, newt talked about it is it time late up summer, early september for a contract with america or something like that? >> it is time to talk about and clearly define to this
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nation those ideals and opportunities that this country affords every sit doesn't, black, white or -- citizen, black, white or otherwise. this is the people's moment. >> sean: there's a little controversy. when you said it is a little tougher for me and barack obama. it got a lot of play. what did you mean by that and do you stand by that remark? >> what i mean was look, in this job it is unique to have both of us at this point in our american history. a lot of people are coming to grips with a new reality now with obama on the left and steele on the right. this is a testament to the grayness of this nation that's what it is all about. a lot more to do and get done and it starts this november folks. don't forget, this november, let's get it done. >> sean: all right. >> the president: last i checked palin is not much of
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an expert on nuclear issues. >> sean: anointed one slams sarah palin for comments she said here on the hannity program. we are going to discuss that plus we are joined by governor jindal, haley barbour, all coming up on tonight's show. it is time for our text vote question do you that i bart stupak is another casualty of health care reform? the results as we continue live from new orleans at the southern republican leadership conference. ñyyup> i never as a woman thought i'd get a heart attack.
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[ sniffs ] so what do you think? fresh. [ female announcer ] for a fresh breath feeling that lasts up to 5 times longer, there's new scope outlast. . >> sean: this is a fox news alert. supreme court justice john paul stevens announced he will retire from the supreme court this summer. he's the oldest member of the court his departure has been rumored for some time. since his nomination in 1975 he has developed a reputation for being the core's most liberal justice. it will give president obama a golden opportunity to push his radical agenda forward this summer. a brand new fox news poll
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tells us exactly what the american people are looking for in that nominee. 52% say they want president to nominate somebody who is more of a conservative. 29% say they want the nominee to be more of a liberal. will the president list don't american people or will he turn his back on the will of the american people just as with health care? joining me now live in new orleans, governor of the great state of louisiana. [ cheering ] >> we've got some of the greatest activists conservatives from 38 states largest that has attended a republican conference, southern leadership republican conference over 3800 folks here. picture perfect weather, 70°, great day to talk about how do we take our country back.
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how do we make sure the health care bill does not stan. what is amazing you've got folks in washington, d.c. ignored the second amendment to the constitution. never read the 10th amendment to the contusion. they pass this unconstitutional bill, two trillion in spending half a trillion in tax increases and cuts in medicare. you have thousands of americans right here in new orleans gathering together to say let's take congress back and repeal this bill. >> sean: we were in grand rapids, michigan yesterday the state has a 14.1% unemployment rate. if you look nationally, add the under employed those that have given up looking for work it is close to 20% of the country. what is the adjusted gross income? >> largest drop in unemployment all in louisiana, lowest unemployment rate. you've got gallup says third best state creating jobs. second best economy during the
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recession. moody's says one of 11 states coming out of the national recession. [ inaudible ] we've been lower than the southern and national unemployment rate every month for the entire recession because we cut spending applying conservative principles. >> sean: this is interesting. you cut taxes, you cut spending. the same principles ronald reagan applied when he was president of the united states. quote reagan a lot. i quote ray dan a lot. i think -- i quote reagan a lot. i think he's the greatest person we've had. on the national level we have a president doing the opposite. how bad do you think barack obama is in terms of his governing in this country? >> last time we did -- you were right. i said he campaigned he had wonderful rhetoric about bringing us together about the change we were waiting for. he has ed -- i -- he has governed even more far to the
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left you saw the health care bill. last time i was with you on air you pointed this out, you saw this during the campaign. i didn't vote for him. but the reality is, he's been more to the left, more radical. they ignored the will of the people with speaker pelosi, majority leader harry reid they are saying we see the results in virginia, new jersey, we don't care. >> sean: i think the president is a radical that wants to transform america. he said during the campaign. i've seen nothing that shows any sign of moderation from this president. his entire career i don't expect we are going to have a moderate justice that's points to the supreme court. so the question is, what is the best way to stop this agenda? >> two things we to win these elections november. we to take our country back. repeal this health care bill. put a stop to this borrowing and spending. this is [ inaudible ]
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this is a critical young if you are for -- critical juncture for our country. going up to 26 trillion dollars they are spending our grand children's money trying to push us to be more like europe with more spending, more taxes. the supreme court nomination -- [ inaudible ] american people want a supreme court justice who is going to read the constitution. the american people have more confidence in our founding fathers than today's politicians. let's get a supreme court justice who will read the constitution and remember the 10th amendment. the commerce clause doesn't give congress the ability to do whatever they want. >> sean: i asked michael steele this question. the subtitle of my book defeating obama's radical agent -- agenda. liz cheney said he's putting america on a path of decline. newt gingrich said he's the most radical president in american history. is that accurate in your mind?
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>> make no mistake if we continue down this path what i fear for my children and grandchildren, more [ inaudible ] if we don't -- we are going to be the first generation that leaves fewer opportunities for our children this is the greatest country in the history of the world we are abandoning limit government principles our founding fathers put in place that made this such a great country. that's why we are trying to stop this health care bill. [ inaudible ] we are going to do everything we can to repeal and replace this health care bill. >> sean: great to see you. ladies and gentlemen, the governor. [ cheering ] >> sean: coming up the man who was [ inaudible ] mississippi governor haley barbour will be joining us. later texas governor rick perry. mike pence. rick santorum, jc what thes as
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. if the democratic party
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members have heard from the tea parties, town hall meetings from the polls, from virginia, from new jersey and now from massachusetts, surely they will understand that there's a message here. and they did it took them about a week. about a week they were sometime immediate and sat in a room in the white house and said we are going to run over the entire country. >> sean: former house speaker newt gingrich speaking yesterday at the southern republican leadership conference. we are live tonight from new orleans. joining me the man who [ inaudible ] [ cheering ] >> sean: mississippi governor haley barbour. governor how are you? >> i'm great sean. >> sean: 1969 you had your first. >> first conference was held in new orleans in 1969. today the largest crowd by far we've ever had.
9:24 pm
i don't have to explain the enthusiasm to you. sean no. let me start with newt gingrich said. he's been going around the country quoting you saying numbers are better now than they were in 1994 when republicans took over 54 seats. is that overly optimistic? >> the fact is that today in april of 2010 the political environment is better for republicans than in april of 1994. there is no question about that it is not even close. the issue of course is, seven months to the election. what are our people gonna do for the next seven months to be sure that the win is just as much [ inaudible ] >> sean: what is interesting is after the bribery for health care. after cap and tax, stimulus, unemployment 9.7%, weakening of our national defenses.
9:25 pm
i see more enthusiasm. gallup poll came out 28% of the american people think -- say most members of congress do not deserve to be reelected. only 28% think they should be reelected. >> no question the pelosi congress, pelosi house and the reid senate are the most unpopular ever. the numbers are out the bottom. people don't dislike president obama. they dislike his policy. they are not against him, they know that the policies that he's -- [ inaudible ] >> sean: is it all about obama -- did he run as a different type of candidate? he read his teleprompter well, people were fainting in large news anchors around the country getting thrills up and down their leg every time he spoke. we only have one unscripted moment. we are going to spread the
9:26 pm
wealth. run as a different candidate? >> no question people heard the policies pursued are the biggest lurch to the left american political history. there has never been as left wing a president of the united states. those policies are what help -- people know we can't spend ourselves rich, sean. they know 3.8 trillion dollar budget with a 1.6 billion dollar deficit, in 1997 the whole budget wasn't -- [ inaudible ] >> sean: you were there in 1994. did a lot of research about the contract, 10 items in 100 days all voted on, 9 out of 10 items passed. do you like the idea, because i do, because i think the republican party in some ways did lose their way on spending. do you like the idea to get
9:27 pm
back the faith and confidence in the american people to show they are going back to their conservative roots republicans need to put their signature on a dotted line similar to a contract, you were there, were you chairman. >> contract with america i was a strong advocate of, in fact bankrolled as chairman of the rnc played a huge role in the '94 election. it gave people something to vote for. people were down on the clinton administration they wanted to get rid of the democrats like you are hearing today. when september comes, contract with america was published the last week of september 1994. when september comes i think we need again give america something to vote for. don't believe this party of no stuff. the american people want us to stop bad policy they will reward us. >> sean: governor palin has a good line. we are not the party of no, we are the party of hell no! you may jump in the ring and go for the republican
9:28 pm
nomination for president in 2012. i'm figuring tonight might be the night in front of a large crowd here in new orleans you might want to make that announcement, just asking? >> seriously as i can be, every republican who cares about our country needs to be focused on the 2010 election. we can't wait until 2012. it is this election, this year. [ cheering ] >> sean: i would agree. i think is the most important midterm election that we have seen in our lifetime. for those of us who think america is on the wrong track we are ruining hope and opportunity and the economy and national security is being weakened, i think this is a defining moment in history. >> for our children and grandchildren the stakes are incredibly high this november. >> sean: i'll take that as a maybe. thank you governor. coming up, sarah palin appeared on this show early this week. she managed to get under the
9:29 pm
anointed one's skin. wait until you see what he had to say about her. j.c. watts, rick perry will join us live. we are asking if you think bart stupak is another casualty of health care reform? results coming up live at the end of our program as we continue from new orleans, hannity on the road. gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir?
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9:34 pm
one of today's feature speakers governor sarah palin. apparently the governor made headlines when she said this about the new white house nuclear weapons policy. >> it is unbelievable. no administration in america's history would i think ever have considered such a step that we found out the president is supporting today. that's like getting out there on the playground a bunch of kids ready to fight and one of the kids say go ahead punch me in the face and i'm not going to retaliate. >> sean: anointed one was asked about those comments. >> i have no response to that last i checked sarah palin is not much after expert on nuclear issues. [ inaudible ] you are trying to get a rise out of me. >> it is not going to work? >> no it is not. >> sean: i guess the president a lot of nuclear policy experience during his
9:35 pm
days a community organizer in chicago along side his pal the unrepentant terrorist bill ayers. lumping governor palin together with the president of iran! joining me senator rick santorum and former oklahoma congressman and quarterback j.c. watts. [ cheering ] [ inaudible ] >> sean: here's what i don't understand the president of the united states, we are going to close gitmo, give miranda rights to enemy come want -- combatants. ahmadinejad the wannabe hitler in iran, mocking the president of the united states as an amateur and inexperienced. president says if america is hit with a biological, chemical or crippling cyber attack we don't respond with nuclear weapons. is that wrong to take that off
9:36 pm
the table? >> you bet, i don't think we ever take that off the table. i think you leave your capacity as long as you can to deal with bad people. let me say something about this discussion going on. governor palin and president obama, this is fixing to get interesting. we better try to position ourselves to get the popcorn and coke, this is going to be one for the ages. >> sean: governor palin i thought she had a great line he learned a lot about nuclear policy in acorn in chicago. >> today at lunch she was pretty doggone good. this is fixing to get very interesting. >> sean: she doesn't back down from a fight which i love that about her. your reaction? >> if the -- [ inaudible ] bottom line is every president to date has understood that ambiguity is important so your
9:37 pm
enemy doesn't know where the line is. your enemy is like your children you draw a line they will try to see how close they can get to that line and test you. if you don't know where that line is, the end likely to stay far away you can conduct a cyber attack to shutdown our power grid, take our planes out of sky. we say you can attack us through biological warfare and wipe out our country and we are going to have lawyers check to see whether you are in compliance with the treaty is dangerous policy. >> sean: this president does not seem town stand -- we also learned this week -- not seem to understand. we also learned this week, we are not going to say radical islam misses any more. manmade disasters. >> the pentagon puts together a review of our strategic threat.
9:38 pm
not one -- never islam mentioned in the entire document. but eight pages on [ inaudible ] >> sean: is the president -- for all these people here and everybody at home watching is he creating a vulnerability and susceptibility and showing the world that america is weak? >> to answer that by saying this, when evil people say they will do evil things to the united states of america or to our allies we need someone in the white house that will take that seriously. i think there's some things that the administration has done that would give our allies the impression that we don't take those things seriously. they would give our enemy the impression that we are weak that we are not prepared to respond when we take things off the table. again, i think we leave our arsenal at full capacity. >> sean: when i early on
9:39 pm
refered to the president as radical, a socialist and appeaser, i look him as a modern day -- [ inaudible ] i don't think he has a clue when it comes to national security in this country. we are seeing it almost day by day. >> people need to understand remember in economics class, [ inaudible ] guns and butter you couldn't afford both. what he's in the process of doing is making sure we pull back so we can take the money we spend to defend the world and spend it more here in the united states. >> sean: he's got the strongest arms here. >> let me add one thing -- >> sean: i'm saying i don't think you would be week in -- weak in front of ahmadinejad. >> i think the american people are warning leadership, it is not going to be enough for us. i think with the energy in this room that we have seen the last seven, eight months,
9:40 pm
i think they are wanting leadership. they want a strong national defense. they want us to do all the smaller government -- [ inaudible ] we've got to present our alternative for these things. we can't just talk about what the administration is not doing or what they should be doing. we've got to offer our alternative, our plans -- >> sean: i got to run. balanced budget, fiscal responsibility, right? eliminate earmarks. strong national defense. free market solutions on health care and education. and energy independence. any more complicated than that? >> it is really that simple. there's a financial services reform package emboldening good government. going to hurt leaning. going to hurt applying credit
9:41 pm
>> sean: we gotta run. >> a lot of work needs to be done. >> sean: good to see you, thank you. [ inaudible ] [ cheering ] >> greta: it is loud there. i am sitting in your yes in new york city so it is very nice and quiet. it sounds loud there. we have a great show tonight karl rove is going to be joining us to go on the record. griff jenkins is in michigan with the tea party and the bart stupak story. chris rock gives david letterman a hard time that and much more. back to you. >> sean: take good care of the i'm going to be with karl rove in kansas city tomorrow. go to coming up live from the southern republican leadership
9:42 pm
conference, texas governor perry will be here. plus one of the leading conservative voices in the nation, indiana congressman pence is going to stop by. that and more coming up from new orleans. when you have diabetes like me, you have questions.
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it seems like we are learning what the president meant with his slogan, yes we can. when you turn that sound bite into a sentence you get yes we can spread the wealth around. yes we can spend money that we do not have on programs that we don't need and we're going to stiff the next generation with the bill. a lot of us have feelings. yes, we can put our country back on a track that is not a good track because this track is going to quadruple our national debt. yes we can let the government take over 1/6 of the private sector s with the mother of all unfunded mandates, obama care. >> sean: that was sarah palin earlier today. [ inaudible ] texas governor rick perry has
9:47 pm
taken that fight into the 2010 election after beating out texas senator kay bailey-hutchison in the primary he will go head-to-head with former houston mayor bill white in november. governor welcome to new orleans. [ cheering ] >> good to be here. [ usa!] >> sean: gut a lot of publicity nationally when you were one of the strongest most forceful voices again the president, against the bailout, against the unfunded mandates. obviously, paid off with the election results. do you think other people are catching up to where were you? >> i don't another whether they are catching up or not. but most americans agree that the bailouts, all of the stimulus spending that's
9:48 pm
runaway obama care, all of that is absolutely disastrous from the standpoint of the country. i got a 26-year-old son he's looking at this and going you got to be kidding me. i'm 26 years operated i take care of myself i'm a response -- i'm 26-years-old, i take care of myself i'm a responsible adult i'm going to be forced to pay for people's irresponsible behavior, drug use, whatever. that's where the big turn around is going to come in america. young people look into the future they see their future's mortgaged by this administration and congress and there's going to be a powerful backlash. >> sean: i asked this question earlier, 50% of american households no longer pay taxes. people are calling up government officials and health insurance companies saying where is that free obama care i was promised? do you think they know almost have a dependency voting bloc? >> i think that was the game
9:49 pm
plan. but i think america is still recoverable. i think people understand that the virtues that we talked about as we were kids growing up, the values that we know responsible behavior, he don't spend all the money. you take care of your neighbor. you allow those faith-based principles to have an impact that is what will save america. >> sean: what is the income tax in the state of texas? >> that would be zero. >> sean: in new york it is 10%. new york's gone bankrupt. how are you doing with unemployment and things of that -- >> the fact of the matter is we understand if you don't spend all the money keep [ inaudible ] have a legal system [ inaudible ] model tort reform and fund account habit public school system which means the skilled workforce will be there. then get out of the way and let the private sector do what
9:50 pm
the private sector does and that will take care of itself and people will move your state. highest population growth of any state in the nation. >> sean: i saw you earlier today. you said something i thought was simple but rather profound. your advice to somebody running for office would you tell them to say what? >> stand up in front of the people thank you want to represent, look 'em straight in the eye and say, elect me to the united states congress and i will go to washington, d.c. and try to make washington as inconsequential in your life as i can. that is a simple but straightforward -- >> sean: what are some of the worst words in the english language, i'm from the government and i'm here to help. thank you governor perry. coming up indiana congressman mike pence.
9:51 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ ing ] [ cheering ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to the
9:55 pm
special live edition of hannity from the southern republican leadership conference in new orleans. from former house speaker newt gingrich to governor sarah palin, bobby jindal and beyond all of the keynote speakers are debunking the myth that the republican party is the party of no. it is the party of principles, new ideas. jing me is one of the leading conservative voices in the u.s. indiana representative mike pence. >> how are you? [ cheering ] [ inaudible ] >> sean: there are some people that are trying to say maybe there's not difference between the two parties. republicans didn't support stimulus. they didn't support omnibus. they didn't support cap and tax.
9:56 pm
they didn't support health care. is -- in the house in particular i see strong conservatism. is some of the problems with the republican party they've had in the senate? >> well, no. let's be honest sean you have òj over the years. we didn't just lose our majority in 2006 we lost our way. the republican party in washington, d.c. walked away from the principles and the american people walked away us from. i really believe, particularly in the last year and a half, republicans have been coming together with a commitment to fiscal discipline and limited government and free market values. the american people get that they know we are not just the party of no it begins by willing to provide the -- >> sean: one of the things i never thought which would see was the house speaker say you to pass a bill before you in it.
9:57 pm
alcee hastings saying there are no rules we make them up as we go. congressman phil hare, i don't worry about the constitution of the united states which he's sworn to uphold, how does that happen? the american people oppose a government take over of health care and house republican will not rest until we repeal the obama care lock, stock and barrel. i really also believe that people are just7íñkwé3k as offey the process. abuse of process that was used to pass this legislation. >> sean: intimidation, bribery -- >> back home in endian that over the last few weeks, i hear just as much about people being frustrated with the way this bill was passed as being frustrated with the government takeover of health care. >> sean: there's an effort, the tea party movement, there's an effort to i infiltrate it. we just learned about it today.
9:58 pm
they want to show up at rallies and hold up misspelled sign and act like they are tea party members and say things that are alien to the american people offensive to the american people to alienate the tea party movement from the rest of the country. is that i concern? did you think they can be effective with that? >> good luck. i really do believe what we are seeing what is happening across this country and you have been a big part of it, what we see is an authentic american movement and we will take this congress back in 2010. [ cheering ] >> sean: bart stupak, casualty of health care? >> say again? >> sean: is bart stupak a casualty of health care? >> hard to believe he's not. bart stupak walked away from long term commitment to protecting pro-life taxpayers in this country by stepping
9:59 pm
[ inaudible ] i expect he went home and an earful from pro-life voters. >> sean: mike pence, good to see you. time to reveal the results of our text voting poll. 95% of you think bart stupak is another casualty of health care reform. 4 said he's not. 1% are not sure. we to thank all of you here tonight. we thank the southern leadership conference for hosting hand -- hannity here tonight in new orleans. our cross-country book tour, next tuesday we will be in the villages in florida. next wednesday april 14th, in atlanta. our final show on the 15th, by the way, tax day, big fully cincinnati we have great guests lined up next week. details about the tour and the bo


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